htc one Specification Business If your mobile phone

Imagehtc one Specification


If your mobile phone has a built-in speaker you can use it to have hands free conversations or share music with friends. (Dependent on your handset’s features)
A mobile internet browser allows you to view websites and conduct internet searches on your handset. Some browsers support tabbed browsing and allow you to bookmark websites to visit again later.
Email clients allow you to send and receive messages on your mobile phone. Dependent on the client and your specific handset, you may be able to send file attachments and sync multiple email accounts!
An electronic diary.
Begin calls to your friends without typing numbers – just say their name!
Connect your mobile phone to a Windows based Windows PC and charge it and/or sync and transfer data. (Sync functionality dependent on phone features and Windows PC specifications)
Smartphones do more than standard handsets. These powerful mobile phones have advanced features and dedicated operating systems that manage battery life and enhance

Speakerphone Yes
Internet Browser Yes
Email Yes
Calendar Yes
Voice Dialling Yes
Compatibility (Windows PC) Yes
Smartphone Yes


HTC UltraPixel Camera redefines how people capture, relive and share their most precious moments.

HTC UltraPixel Camera HTC UltraPixel Camera


GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is a type of technology for connecting to mobile internet services. It is not as fast as 3G or HSPA, but it still only charges you for data used, not time spent online.
USB capability allows you to charge your phone from your computer and, with WiFi, use as a modem.
3G is a wireless technology that transfers data between mobile devices. If you connect to the internet via 3G then you’ll enjoy fast browsing and downloading speeds. Costs vary between networks.
WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) is a special type of internet language for mobile phones. WAP browsers can display internet information that’s been designed to fit on your mobile’s screen.
If your device is compatible with Wi-Fi then you can access the internet via wireless networks, and enjoy broadband-like browsing speeds. Signal strength varies, and you might need a network key.
GPS satellite navigation helps you to find your way while out and about. GPS units often work in conjunction with route planning services like Google Maps and Ovi Maps to get you from A to B.
Bluetooth is a wireless technology that lets your device to send and receive media like pictures and songs, as well as connect to accessories like Bluetooth headsets for hands free calling.
NFC (Near Field Communications) is a technology that sends data when your device touches compatible devices & accessories. It can be used to send data, like pictures, or make wireless payments in shops.
4G replaces 3G as the fastest wireless internet data technology so you’ll have much faster & more reliable mobile internet download & upload speeds. Remember, you’ll need a 4G tariff to get access to 4G.

3G Yes
Wi-Fi Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Near Field Communications (NFC) Yes
4G Yes


View websites, texts and games in vibrant colour.
The maximum length of time the product can remain switched on before the battery needs recharging. Standby time is theoretical and based on lab conditions.
Dimensions (size) in millimetres.
The size of the main display screen of your device. Measured in pixels, the more pixels, as a general rule, the better the sharpness and quality of the screen.
When you want a more discreet ringer the vibration alert comes in handy! Be notified when you receive text messages, phone calls and emails, without alerting everyone else.
The number of bands your phone works across. Dual bands will normally only work in your home country and continent, quad bands will work in the Americas.
The Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) allows you to send sound clips, images and videos to a mobile phone or email address. A convenient alternative to Bluetooth and USB. Charges may apply.
Text messaging or Short Message Service (SMS) lets you send and receive messages on your phone. A single text contains up to 160 characters, but some phones can combine several texts into one.
The maximum length of time you can talk on a phone (under ideal conditions) before the battery needs recharging.
Product weight (grams).
Usually known as ‘tri-band’ phones, these can connect to mobile networks in Europe and the USA. You’ll also need to make sure your UK network offers service in the place you’re visiting.
An intuitive type of mobile phone interface, sensitive to pressure. Tap and swipe the touchscreen to interact with your handset, navigate menus and access apps.
Discover a world of possibilities with downloadable applications on your mobile phone.
The type of processor that’s in your device. Some processors have dual or quad cores, and may be better for certain tasks. If you have a specific need, check the strong points of your device’s processor.
Instant messenger clients allow you to chat with friends over the internet. You may even be able to add video to your chats! IM clients require an internet connection, and vary between handsets.
This deactivates the display of your phone when the device is brought near to your face during a call. This saves battery power.
Run multiple apps and switch between them instantly, without sacrificing performance or battery life.
This is the maximum amount of storage space inside your device. This is used to store your multimedia content, such as videos and music, as well as your texts, apps and even documents.

Display Colour Depth 16M
Standby Time (up to) Up to 479 hours
Size 137.4 x 68.2 x 9.3mm
Display Size 1080 x 1920 pixels
Vibration alert Yes
Frequency Band Quad-Band
SMS/texting Yes
Talk Time (up to) Up to 18 hours
Weight 143g
Works in USA Yes
Touchscreen Yes
Apps Yes
Processor Type Quad core
Instant Messaging Yes
Proximity-sensing technology Yes
Multitasking Yes
Storage Capacity 32GB


Built-in FM radios allow you to listen to live broadcasts on your mobile phone, usually through a headset. Some integrated Radios have additional features, like RDS and broadcast recording.
The amount of memory built into your device (data storage or RAM).
Mobile media players keep you entertained on the move. Dependent on your handset features you can play back tracks, videos or even stream movies and music directly from the internet!
Capture still photos to share with family and friends.
Expand the built-in memory by purchasing an optional memory card.
This device has an integrated MP3 players and supports various methods of playback, such as speakers, wireless Bluetooth headsets, and standard 3.5mm headphones.
Select your favourite tune as a ringtone.
Edit your photos and video clips on your device without transferring them to a PC.
Get record quality ringtones on your handset.
The amount of memory built into your device (data storage or RAM).
Different devices use different types of memory expansion card: make sure you buy the correct type!
Some devices have social network shortcuts or apps. These handy widgets give you fast, convenient access to sites like Facebook or Twitter so you can update your status and see what’s new.
New emails are pushed to your inbox as soon as they arrive.
This is a device built into your smartphone that enables it to recognise when  you tilt your phone, so the screen is always the right way up.
Capture self portraits to use as your profile pics or share with friends. If your device supports video chats you can also use the front facing camera as a handy web cam, for face-to-face calls!
Whether your device has a built-in video recorder. These are ideal for making mini movies on the go, and now devices can capture DVD-like or even HD quality video clips.
Capture life’s great moments in glorious HD, with a high definition video recorder.
Some camera features that gives your mobile phone/tablet the ability to work as a digital camera.

FM Radio No
Internal Phone Memory (MB) N/A
Media Player Yes
Camera UltraPixel
Memory Card Slot No
MP3 Player Yes
MP3 Tones Yes
Photo/Video Editing Yes
Polyphonic Tones No
Internal Phone Memory (GB) 2GB
Memory Card Type N/A
Integrated Social Networking Yes
Push Email Yes
Accelerometer Yes
Front facing camera Yes
Video Recorder HD quality 1080p
HD video recording 1080p
Camera features 1/3” sensor size, simultaneous HD video and image recording, geo-tagging, face and smile detection, OIS


Beats Audio™ is a sound enhancing technology that’s built into this smartphone. It boosts bass and treble and gives a higher quality of sound that is more true to how the artist mixed it in the studio.

Beats Audio™ sound enhancement Yes


Processor Speed 1.7 GHz The speed of your device’s processor.
Operating System Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 The operating system will manage the applications, programs and hardware.
Android Jelly Bean Yes Android Jelly Bean is the latest version of Google’s operating system – it’s faster, even more customisable and has more features than ever like offline voice typing and advanced notification bar.
Android Yes A user-friendly OS that includes Google services e.g Google Maps. Android Gingerbread 2.3 is the most popular, Android 4.Jelly Bean is the latest. Both have 600,000+ apps in the Google Play Store.
Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 600 processor Yes Delivering video at 1080p HD, 3D photo capture, seamless connectivity and great battery life.

What’s in the box?

  • Phone, battery and charger
  • USB Cable
  • Handsfree headset
  • Quick start guide

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